Early literacy plays an essential role in building strong foundation for lifetime learning. It serves as the keystone for cognitive development and academic success. When children are exposed to have fine development activities at early age, there are several benefits emerge in them.

Early literacy exposure builds the child’s base stronger in vocabulary and improving
communication skills. In today’s era communication skills are vital to place oneself in the world. It not only helps to express and exchange of thoughts but portrays the person’s ability in this competitive environment. Indulging in early literacy also constructs the problem solvingalong with engagement in reading and writing that stimulates cognitive process such as memory, attention etc.

Along with the all above skills early literacy also encourages critical thinking skills as children learn to analyze, interpret and evaluate information. This ability to think critically is fundamental, for making appropriate decision for life term, as critical thinking will not only help in tackling problems but also assessing them in every aspect of life.

This stage of early literacy talks about books, learning and knowledge accompanied by practical exposure. This makes the child fluent in everything from reading to communicating, because knowledge widens up the thought process and understanding over sort of required skill set. These all skills makes the child empowered in various aspects of life, from staying informed about the current events to pursuing personal interests, through research and exploration. According to “STATISTA” during the financial year 2022-23, India had over 200 million school students and over 74% of those students were enrolled in elementary schools.

To summarize, early literacy serves as the milestone for the lifetime achievements. Initial part of learning gives direction and shapes the further stages of child learning. This works as the box for development and enhances the desires of a well acknowledged future for child. The overall enlightenment is also affected by initial learning stages as a result follows bright excellence in moral and ethical beliefs.


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