Our Supporters
Support Individually

Please choose and support any of the three initiatives of SOUL. Just click here to visit the SUPPORT US page and do the needful. Do act now – your support will bring a change in the lives of the children in SOUL Satya Hari School and animals in SOUL MahaKalika Gaushala. Please write to us at info@soulngo.in and we will get back to you soon, or call us at 9811115112 and 9810653154.

Corporate Support

Please contact us and we shall be more than happy to conduct a CSR Activity on the behalf of your corporate in SOUL Satya Hari School. We can also customize your CSR activities as per your company’s requirements and funding guidelines. Please write to us at corporate@soulngo.in or call us at 9811115112 and 9810653154.

Volunteer with SOUL

Our programs are based at the grassroots level and provide amazing and challenging volunteering opportunities. You can choose a theme you wish to volunteer for and we will discuss your requirements with you. Please write to us at volunteer@soulngo.in or call us at 9811115112 and 9810653154.