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Governing Body
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The genesis of SOUL lies in our concern for the universe and the multiple problems afflicting our society, which lead to aggression, intolerance, hatred and chaos. SOUL strives to awaken the innate humaneness in us and manifest the beautiful attributes which form a human being. At the core are the values of love, compassion and tolerance towards all.

To motivate peaceful co-existence, we started working on various programs targeting the marginalized sections of the society and the problems faced by them. Hence, Education for All became the first theme that we began to focus upon and started a school for under-privileged children in December 2012 and named it SOUL GURUKUL.

Gradually, with the intention of helping the families of children studying in SOUL Gurukul, livelihood training programs were started for the women of these families. Women Empowerment, hence, became the third theme of our work.

Vision Statement-

To create a universe that incites positive energy and contribution in each member and promotes peaceful and sustainable co-existence and evolvement. 

Mission Statement

To learn and execute creative ideas from various members of the society for empowerment of the weaker sections for their emancipation, keeping in mind sustainability and peaceful co-existence through the available resources.