Why this theme? 

The economically marginalized sections of the society have an even weaker section, and this constitutes the women. Illiteracy and lack of skills make them vulnerable and they do not have the strength to rebel. Observing this in the mothers and sisters of the children studying in our school, SOUL chose to reach out to these women and empower them so that they could live with dignity and, at the same time, participate in the education process of their children.

Our Approach 

To empower these women, it was important that they learn some skills which would help them to earn a livelihood and contribute to the income of the family. Thus, SOUL initiated the vocational training programs for these women in sewing and cooking.


Starting with 8 women, this initiative has helped 5 beneficiaries to setup their own tailoring shops. They are now supporting their families financially and, consequently, their stature in their society has grown.

12 women who learnt cooking have found better employment in houses as cooks. They are now getting better salaries and more respect in the households where they work. Moreover, they now understand the nutritional value of food items and have learnt better methods of cooking.

How you can support 

You can support the WOMEN EMPOWERMENT initiative of SOUL through any of the following options:

  • Support vocational training of 1 woman for sewing for INR 1000 per month
  • Support vocational training of 1 woman for cooking for INR 1500 per month
  • Support the full sewing course of 6 months for a woman for INR 6000
  • Support the full cooking course of 6 months for a woman for INR 7500