Why this theme? 
A universe that will be able to sustain us with the current environmental practices seems utopian. The agrarian population has remained downtrodden even when green revolution happened and increased the yield of crops. This was because the chemical manures and fertilizers are a heavy investment and eat up all the income from a crop.The following issues needed to be addressed:

  • The farming needs to become profitable for the farmer
  • The produce needs to become chemical-free for the consumer
  • The farmer needs to find use of bulls and non-milking cows
  • The migration of youth from villages to towns and cities needs to be curtailed

The SOUL team conducted many studies and brain storming sessions to arrive at the best solutions that could address the above problems.

Our Approach 

Taking up a challenge, SOUL created a model farm to showcase the sustainability achievable for the farmer by adopting natural farming. This model, ‘Nandini Natural Farm’, is in Village Bhanota, Greater Noida. A training center for natural farming was also created by SOUL in SOUL Mahakalika Gaushala. This initiative has been inspired by Padam Shri Subhash Palekar, whose natural farming methods were implemented and we reaped excellent results.

Non-chemical-based fertilizers or pesticides were used in this farm. Using the know-how learned, fertilizers and pesticides were prepared from cow dung and urine. Other naturally available resources were also used such as azadirachta indica (neem), green chillis (hari mirch), garlic (lasun), etc. Proper systems to manufacture these products were followed and amazing results were obtained, namely:

  • The fertility of the soil increased tremendously
  • Crop yield was more than that obtained with chemical-based farming
  • The pesticides were effective in driving away pests
  • Water consumption was reduced
  • The crops were tastier and healthier and could be sold at a premium in the market

To have better agricultural products where it is ensured that such consumption is not going to cause deadly diseases like cancer, more and more farmers must be motivated to practice natural farming. This would be possible only when such farmers can find a market for their produce. This would encourage others to shift to natural farming and, in the long run, the fertility of soil will be restored and animals will again be welcomed in the homes of the farmers.

How you can help
Individually, we can buy vegetables, pulses and cereals produced by farmers who adopt natural farming techniques and help create a demand for such produce. For more details on natural and organic farming in India, please connect with us.