Why this theme? 
SOUL strongly believes that the future generations are the biggest stakeholders in the environmental sweepstakes. We will not be able to achieve a sustainable eco-system without bringing about some positive change in the environment and reduce our carbon footprints. SOUL connected the above two points and decided to influence the influencers in every home – the children. Thus, environmental education became one of our focus areas to bring a change.

Our Approach 
Holding on to the curiosity of the younger generation, our approach was to reach out to more and more school and college students. During such sessions, they are informed of the environmental issues and asked to provide practical solutions and then practice and promote them. SOUL organizes competitions in schools like debates, quiz, etc., on sensitive environmental issues and raise awareness about them.

To spread awareness in an interesting way by involving the children in the activities, SOUL conducts various tree plantation programs in the schools and their vicinity. The children are motivated to involve the elders too in these programs. SOUL takes the onus of the upkeep of the trees after plantation.

Inspired by ‘Peepal Baba’, an extra-ordinary individual who has planted more than 12 million trees in his lifetime, SOUL has been celebrating Annual Day of Tree Plantation since the year 2013. In all, SOUL has been instrumental in planting more than 2,000 trees in Noida in the last 3 years.

To empower these women, it was important that they learn some skills which would help them to earn a livelihood and contribute to the income of the family. Thus, SOUL initiated the vocational training programs for these women, namely sewing and cooking.

The activities under this theme can be planned and executed once the budget has been arranged. We look for individual and corporate donors to support the environment awareness and tree plantation initiatives of SOUL. in their society has grown.

How you can help
You can support the ‘Women Empowerment’ theme of SOUL through any of the following options:

  • Introduce us to your universe, whether it is your school, RWA or your office. We will love to associate and find a way to work together for environmental awareness and tree plantation programs.
  • Support plantation of 10 trees with tree guards including maintenance for 2 years for INR 20,000 and multiples, thereof.
  • Support an environmental workshop in a school (which does not have sufficient monetary resources) for INR 5,000.00 per workshop.