Dinesh Sharma, Entrepreneur

After visiting SOUL Mahakalika Gaushala and seeing the love and devotion with which the cows were being taken care of, I was motivated to do things for the cows such as arranging food and medicines for them. I have observed many positives changes in my life after I started serving cows.

Puneet Gupta, Max Lifestyle

We enjoyed interacting with the children of SOUL Gokul Vidyapeeth. The quality of education being imparted to them is indeed appreciable. They listened attentively to our presentation and we had interesting interactive sessions with them. Kudos to SOUL for the good work they are doing.

Shammi Tanwar, Newell Rubbermaid

We celebrated our company’s ‘Annual Day of Giving’ with the children of SOUL Gokul Vidyapeeth on 28 October 2014. It is amazing to see the learning abilities of these children, who are no less than any other school-going children. It is surprising to know that most of them started going to a formal school merely 2 years back. We will come back next year also and support SOUL in this noble work.

Bhuwan Kathuria, CEB India

SOUL is doing amazing work. All my seniors and colleagues were pleased that I had selected SOUL for this annual CSR activity. The children were very confident and interacted freely with all of us during our visit to SOUL Gokul Vidyapeeth.

Peepal Baba, Environmentalist, Give me Trees  

It was a pleasure to associate with SOUL on 30 July 2016 on their Annual Tree Plantation Day. The staff and volunteers of SOUL Mahakalika Gaushala were very co-operative and actively participated in the plantation drive.